Thursday, March 19, 2015


woooh!!!! its been years since i last wrote my bubble thoughts! ahaha. i just received a reminder from a workmate to 'make time' to things i wanted to do. and here, im slowly going back to business. hihi.

what do i really want to do? 

as much as i would like to do all of these products of my wild imagination, i think some are already maybe illusions. well, seriously, i just need to live in the real world. i have to know my dreams and my only illusions.

growing up, i really thought of becoming a honer of one's life (whew! ansabe?). i'd like to be a teacher, a guidance counselor, hosting a show ala 'payong kaibigan', a listener, a jester, a life coach. wow! malala but it came across when i've been asked advises, opinion, words of wisdom and many things (mind you, even what to wear, feeling fashionista!). i once asked myself, how can i give advises when i have not experienced what they had experienced? how can i be effective when im not rich in experiences? but i think whatever we say to help others still matter. one can still be significant to another. everyone qualifies to be a teacher for as long as our hearts are into it. im not claiming i've done the best ones but gracing one's life is such a humbling feeling. and up to this point, it tickles my heart when someone approches me and tell her/his story/ies. i guess if that happens to you, it means that you have touched their hearts and entrust you their problems or whatever the day gave to them. i may have many negatrons in me but as much as possible, i would like to give good vibes to you. :)

most of the time, people who are going through rough and tough times are just yearning for a listener. you have to begin to listen. your helping words would not be necessary at those times so you'll end up wasting your energy so just open your ears first before your mouth. like giving your heart first before your head. #hugot :)

there will also be times when we just have to laugh it all out, sing it all out and dance it all out. if crying will do so, cry it all out. sometimes, actions are more helpful than words (action speaks louder than words un dba?). it maybe draining, but when you're too tired at something , you tend to forget you were fretting. 

the most important and most effective? Pray. its true and its very unfortunate that most of us (yes, im not exluded) are being oblivious of this thing. we were so busy clinging to the pain, the hurt, all the issues that we have not called Him. i read in my Daily Devotionals to always have quiet time with Him. what is atleast one or two minutes pause from our 24 hours? because sometimes, we're too busy solving or looking for solutions when in fact, kneeling and silence with Him makes all things in calm again. 

this is a reminder to myself (and i keep on telling myself) -- i may not have all the answers now, in time, the answers may come in different and maybe, in more favorable form.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Good times at Mr. Parks

I was too excited to go back again to my office not to work, but to finally accomplish my clearance and to meet my buddies, Joey and Hazel, whom I missed so much! It maybe somehow sad because it's the same day that I will officially say goodbye to my office and to them. Hazel and I have been 4 years of working together while with Joey, it's been 2 years. *sigh*

After their shift, we went to this new place called Mr. Parks Bread and Cafe, situated along Garnet Road and right beside Highlands Coffee shop (I have blogged it here). According to my friends, it's a Korean coffee shop. Well, I agree with them, the place is very K-POP! Not to mention that my buddies are also kpop lovers. Hehe.

We have ordered a variety of bread and of course, bread are awesome with coffee!!! We had this huge bread named Mammoth, Garlic Cream Cheese, and Croquette. Our drinks were Caramel Macchiato, Mocha Frappe and Pistachio Frappe.

Let's talk about the bread.

Mammoth bread
- this is one of the huge breads I have seen in the store. It was sliced and served into small pieces. Then, there's a surprise in the center of the bread. There's cream, and other bursting flavors that you and a friend would enjoy! The bread may be good for 2-3 people and the price, it's very affordable.

Garlic Cream Cheese bread.
- I like it because I love garlic! The size of the bread is good for 1 person and you will really fall for the cream cheese inside the bread. The bread will give you savory and sweet taste and you will surely enjoy this as well.

- It's somewhat new to me. It has a filling of veggies that I love! I have never tried a bread that has veggie filling so my tastebud was excited somehow. I like it!

That morning I have enjoyed drinking my hot Caramel Macchiato while my friends enjoy the cold frappe. I forgot that I became a 'freeloader' that day and my friends were too generous to treat me to this new place and of course, we did KKB (Kanya kanyang Baliw) on chatting for 4 hours of our stay. It was bitin and I felt that we need longer time to catch up!

I am a breadlover. I enjoy it than rice. So, as long as the breads are freshly baked, I will surely get one and enjoy it!


5/5 - cozy place. It's very conducive for chit chat moments.
5/5 - love the breads!!! and the drinks too!


Garlic Cream Cheese



Caramel Macchiato

Pistachio Frappe

Caramel Frappe

Reuinted us!!!

Mr. Parks Bread and Cafe
Garnet Road, Ortigas Pasig City

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Philpop 2013: OPM not Dead.

Philpop Music Festival 2013 happened last July 20 and they have already unveiled the winners for the said competition. I was not able to watch it but thanks to Youtube, I have listened and watched the music video of the songs that were a part of the competition.

It was an event for songwriters who have not stopped composing and making good music to feed the soul of OPM.

The compositions that made to this year's list are:

1. Christian Bautista
"Araw, Ulap, Langit" by Marlon Barnuevo

2. Jose and Wally
"Askal" by Ganny Brown

3. Sam Concepcion and Tippy Dos Santos
"Dati" by Thyro Alfaro and Yumi Lacsamana

4. Ney Dimaculangan
"Kung di man" by Johnoy Danao

5. Sitti and Julianne Tarroja
"Pansamantagal" by Jungee Marcelo

6. Joey Ayala and Gloc 9 feat Denise Barbacena
"Papel" by Joey Ayala

7. Kimpoy Feliciano
"Sana pinatay mo na lang ako" by Myrus Apacible

8. Karylle
"Sa'yo na lang ako" by Lara Maigue

9. Yael Yuzon of Spongecola
"Segundo" by Paul Armesin

10. Ace Libre from Never the Strangers
"Sometimes that happens" by Adrienne Sarmiento-Buenaventura and Antonio Regalado

11. Kean Cipriano and Banda ni Kleggy
"Space" by Raffy Calicdan

12. Six Part Invention
"Time Machine" by Kennard Faraon

And the grand winner that night was "Dati" performed by Sam and Tippy. The genre was pop, RNB and the voices of Sam and Tippy was really apt to the kind of music it offers. I actually like it.  I know that most may not like or appreciate it the first time they may hear it because for some, it may not be their everyday music or something that they will listen on the radio on and sing along with it. But I wonder what is really the 'tunog pinoy' that we are looking for? Is it the one we can sing and dance along with? Is it something that will make our head banging? Is it the one that we can relate to? Does it have to be narrational? Does it have to be deep? Do we like double meaning?

My hope and love for OPM has never gone. As a musiclover like me, I can say that the choices of music or genre has got wider, that's why we became vulnerable with the songs that we listen to or putting into our MP3's and iPod's. I wish that we open more avenue for OPM songwriters and artists to showcase their beautiful talents to the world.

Here are the three songs that caught me listening on loop mode.

Ako na lang sa'yo - Karylle

Song full of hope from someone who loves from a far wishing that she will belong to him. Karylle conveys the song very well and I could not stop myself imagining as she does in the video.

Dati - Sam Concepcion and Tippy Dos Santos

Groovy music. But listening to the lines will put you back to your childhood when you use enjoy those moments with the person special to you.

Pansamantagal - Sitti and Julianne

Great singers in one song!!! They are my idols!! Mixed of bosa, jazz and pop. I like the message and how they play the good music here.

But I have to commend Sir Joey Ayala with his composition. The song has a lot of messages. The title 'Papel' symbolized not only as paper but how are we going to take part as an individual. He never fails to amuse me with his rich words thru his songs. 

Papel - Joey Ayala and Gloc 9

Mabuhay ang OPM!

Why Travel?

Most people would say or even associate that travelling is bragging that you have the budget to do it, pretentious, ambitious, a pricey hobby, for well off people, etc. Even I, have also thought of that many years ago. I thought that it was not easy to plan and execute. I thought that it was not my thing. But since I'm a netsurfer (word!), I have visited blog sites and found myself being slowly influenced by my idol Patty Laurel. She is a jet setter and a happy wife of Patrick Filart. She has gone too many places already. She said that travelling is discovering and collecting memories. I agree with her. Now, thank God that airlines have improved their marketing strategy and they have made fares to be fair.

I have already posted months ago my 12-day trip ala Amazing Race with my travel buddies and I kinda like refreshing those moments that we have bit our time for bus rides, train rides and everything else. The adventure started at Singapore and ended in Vietnam. No plane rides between these 5 countries, just explored everything via land. Yes, it maybe tiring, time consuming and draining activity to do but it's cheaper, better and lovelier to board buses and trains because you get to seize the moment when you are passing the highways and along the road, you will see greenfields, trees, you're close to nature. 

So, why travel? 

It's like an exercise. Travelling means your toes must be prepared for a lot of walking, striding and running. Everytime you will move into another place, you have to have a tough arms and shoulders to carry your own loads. Because travelling is not as fancy as you think it is. Not all the time, you have your trolley bag. In our case, since we are backpackers, we did not overload ourselves since it will be additional to our airfare (Manila to Singapore, Vietnam to Manila). Every passenger is allowed for 7Kg of load, if you exceed, you have to shed money, as it will be considered as a check in baggage. So, travel lite!

It's a discovery. I know Philippines is very rich in culture and history but, stepping outside your territory will give you good stories to know as well. You get to experience their food, their lifestyle, and how preserve their country's treasures. You get to know locals and folks from these countries that may somehow generous enough to share their traits and attitude. Then, you will be able to adjust and manage your behavior when you meet them again or when you get back to these places. 

It teaches discipline. Money is involved in travelling. When you plan, you save. When you execute, you learn to wake up early in the morning to explore the place. You will learn to be time conscious, since you have be ahead of time for your flight, or for your ride. You will be sensitive enough for your travelmates who exercise discipline. 

It will benefit your memory bank. Seldom that we think of crossing borders and flying abroad because we have a lot of excuses or reason. But defying what we can do more, means we can always look back and tell the whole adventure all over again. That there's a time that we were able to break the so-called expensive adventure. Moreover, you will think of saving up and furthering more your wings.

So travelling is not just adding glory to your passport, pictures for your facebook or instagram, shopping, souveneirs and all that stuff. It is a leisure that will give you priceless, sore feet. 


Petronas towers in Kulala Lumpur, Malaysia

Wat Po in Bangkok, Thailand

The Opera House, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Changi Airport, Singapore

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Surprises. Bliss. 3 decades of me!!!

How my day went? Amazing!

After speaking with my mom via facetime, we have greeted each other Happy Birthday since we share the same birthday. I felt a bit sad since this is the first time that I don't have her by my side. But I had to shake it off and I have to move on and spend it the way it will be. 

I have visited Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, located in Bras Basah, near the MRT station. I lifted everything to God and I have given thanks for all His shower of love. He has been doing wonders for the past few days and I can't deny how 'kilig' I am. Then I decided to stopover Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf which is just across the street and load myself with some caffeine before going home. Good thing the shop has a free wifi so I totally enjoyed myself for atleast 1 hour! 

Back in the flat, I cooked creamy carbonara and bought an ice cream so that we could feed our rawring tummy! 

But, the suspense was not over. 

I did not expect that all the event happened. I was in awe.

My cousin Joane and Zee and the rest of their flatmates sung Happy Birthday and they have the pasabog birthday cake. They have given me a cute present in an H and M bag, and cute mug from flatmates!!! I have never imagined this would be one of the happiest celebration of my birthday! No expectations, full of surprises and blessings! 

My appreciation is endless with these people. God used them to guide me through. i'm lifting it up to Him.

flatmates <3

from my IG

cake, icecream=happy birthday!!! calorie overload.

sweetest anne and zee... <3

Monday, June 24, 2013

World War Z; 'me' time at Golden Village

This is my nth week here in Singapore and I have never explored the place that much. Well, let's just say that when everything is already in its place, I will embrace all the chances of exploring Singapura. My cousin, Joanne, whose very generous enough to give me a Golden Village Movie Money, a voucher where you can use at any Golden Village in Singapore. Of course, it still has terms and conditions to remember before you go and secure a seat. The voucher will expire on June 30 and right timing to confuse yourself whether to watch Man of Steel, Monster U. or Brad Pitt's World War Z. I was fortunate that there are great movies shown out to spend my voucher wisely. The movie ticket costs around SGD 10, so in PHP, it costs approximately 300. So I think that the money was well spent, from the moviehouse itself, you're gonna love the place. 

This entry is not about the movie, because I was distracted by the hotness of Brad Pitt. I mean, who doesn't, right? Hahahaha. But the movie was good. Brad Pitt is a very loving husband and caring father and strong man here. Well, no spilling of the beans, better watch it so you will know what I am talking about the movie. 

Of course, before pleasure, business first. I was so blessed that I have attended Tagalog mass here. The church name is St. John's Church, located at Queen St., near the Bras Basah Station. After the mass, I rode the MRT and dropped in Plaza Singapura, which is 1 station away from where my first itinerary that day. I really scheduled my 'sundate' to make it convenient for me and to maximize my time. The Golden Village has so many locations here in SG and I picked GV Plaza. The place, is along Orchard Road, by the way. 

Since I was searching for the place, I have not catched any 7 o' clock movie. So the GV people have been very courteous, and polite serving the queue. The agent suggested the 8:30 slot which is WWZ and I was situated at E05. 

Then the movie started. I am loving the very clear sound, the picture and the seat. It seems that you are watching the movie on a humongous TV! The sounnds are superb! When there's explosion in the movie, you will really feel rumbling sounds, almost shook your seat! Surely, I will go back and see a movie here. 

If you're in Singapore, or planning to go in Singapore and see a movie here, you might want to see Golden Village. Also, for much convenience, you can secure your seats on their website. Go to

nice movie!!!

catch a movie here!

Friday, June 14, 2013


Mother's day has passed and now, we will celebrate another "Special-non working-domestic/household Holiday". Writing this down creates some sweats at the corners of my eyes. But I need to be composed. This day, I will remember my daddy. The man of few words. The man na minsan lang magpatawa, pero nakakapagpatawa. I miss him.

Daddy was a good provider. If he is not, then, I wouldn't be able to experience toys, foods, shopping, good school and finish college. He did not want my mommy to go to work since he would like my mom to be his queen, naks!
We did not have a tight bond. Since he worked for almost 10 years abroad when we were growing up. I regret that too. I feel sorry for the opportunities I slipped off my grasp. I would be sweeter, I can be the better daughter, if not the best. All of these, will remain "I should have been".

Its been 3 years when he passed away and went home to God. Everything still seems to be fresh. I whispered "I'm Sorry. I love You." but I'm not sure if he heard it. Nasa huli ang pagsisisi. But I think and believe that all the things happens with a purpose. Maybe that's the lifespan of my daddy. It is a lesson for children like me who are not able to express gratitude and love to their parents.

I came to realize that when we were so down, money became a matter, I still have a complete family. He drives before to earn a living. He bid goodbye still thinking of our welfare. Until the end, he remains a good provider.

When the world seems not to care and unfair. When you feel everyone turned their back on you. When doubt, anxiety, weary and unfotunate events consumed you. Our daddy/s waiting for our call. Sometimes, we thought that they do not acknowledge, careless, they are just waiting for us. We can have all moolah in the world, but our daddy, they just want us, we are their happiness. They may not be able to give everything we wanted, but believe me, they have tried. But you have to also ask yourself, "Naibigay ko ba yung gusto ng tatay ko?"

If you still have your dad with you, You are so lucky and blessed! You still have the time in the world to embrace them, kiss them and tell them, "Papa, I love you". Do not waste any chances. If you do, you can only whisper it to the wind.