Thursday, March 19, 2015


woooh!!!! its been years since i last wrote my bubble thoughts! ahaha. i just received a reminder from a workmate to 'make time' to things i wanted to do. and here, im slowly going back to business. hihi.

what do i really want to do? 

as much as i would like to do all of these products of my wild imagination, i think some are already maybe illusions. well, seriously, i just need to live in the real world. i have to know my dreams and my only illusions.

growing up, i really thought of becoming a honer of one's life (whew! ansabe?). i'd like to be a teacher, a guidance counselor, hosting a show ala 'payong kaibigan', a listener, a jester, a life coach. wow! malala but it came across when i've been asked advises, opinion, words of wisdom and many things (mind you, even what to wear, feeling fashionista!). i once asked myself, how can i give advises when i have not experienced what they had experienced? how can i be effective when im not rich in experiences? but i think whatever we say to help others still matter. one can still be significant to another. everyone qualifies to be a teacher for as long as our hearts are into it. im not claiming i've done the best ones but gracing one's life is such a humbling feeling. and up to this point, it tickles my heart when someone approches me and tell her/his story/ies. i guess if that happens to you, it means that you have touched their hearts and entrust you their problems or whatever the day gave to them. i may have many negatrons in me but as much as possible, i would like to give good vibes to you. :)

most of the time, people who are going through rough and tough times are just yearning for a listener. you have to begin to listen. your helping words would not be necessary at those times so you'll end up wasting your energy so just open your ears first before your mouth. like giving your heart first before your head. #hugot :)

there will also be times when we just have to laugh it all out, sing it all out and dance it all out. if crying will do so, cry it all out. sometimes, actions are more helpful than words (action speaks louder than words un dba?). it maybe draining, but when you're too tired at something , you tend to forget you were fretting. 

the most important and most effective? Pray. its true and its very unfortunate that most of us (yes, im not exluded) are being oblivious of this thing. we were so busy clinging to the pain, the hurt, all the issues that we have not called Him. i read in my Daily Devotionals to always have quiet time with Him. what is atleast one or two minutes pause from our 24 hours? because sometimes, we're too busy solving or looking for solutions when in fact, kneeling and silence with Him makes all things in calm again. 

this is a reminder to myself (and i keep on telling myself) -- i may not have all the answers now, in time, the answers may come in different and maybe, in more favorable form.