Monday, June 24, 2013

World War Z; 'me' time at Golden Village

This is my nth week here in Singapore and I have never explored the place that much. Well, let's just say that when everything is already in its place, I will embrace all the chances of exploring Singapura. My cousin, Joanne, whose very generous enough to give me a Golden Village Movie Money, a voucher where you can use at any Golden Village in Singapore. Of course, it still has terms and conditions to remember before you go and secure a seat. The voucher will expire on June 30 and right timing to confuse yourself whether to watch Man of Steel, Monster U. or Brad Pitt's World War Z. I was fortunate that there are great movies shown out to spend my voucher wisely. The movie ticket costs around SGD 10, so in PHP, it costs approximately 300. So I think that the money was well spent, from the moviehouse itself, you're gonna love the place. 

This entry is not about the movie, because I was distracted by the hotness of Brad Pitt. I mean, who doesn't, right? Hahahaha. But the movie was good. Brad Pitt is a very loving husband and caring father and strong man here. Well, no spilling of the beans, better watch it so you will know what I am talking about the movie. 

Of course, before pleasure, business first. I was so blessed that I have attended Tagalog mass here. The church name is St. John's Church, located at Queen St., near the Bras Basah Station. After the mass, I rode the MRT and dropped in Plaza Singapura, which is 1 station away from where my first itinerary that day. I really scheduled my 'sundate' to make it convenient for me and to maximize my time. The Golden Village has so many locations here in SG and I picked GV Plaza. The place, is along Orchard Road, by the way. 

Since I was searching for the place, I have not catched any 7 o' clock movie. So the GV people have been very courteous, and polite serving the queue. The agent suggested the 8:30 slot which is WWZ and I was situated at E05. 

Then the movie started. I am loving the very clear sound, the picture and the seat. It seems that you are watching the movie on a humongous TV! The sounnds are superb! When there's explosion in the movie, you will really feel rumbling sounds, almost shook your seat! Surely, I will go back and see a movie here. 

If you're in Singapore, or planning to go in Singapore and see a movie here, you might want to see Golden Village. Also, for much convenience, you can secure your seats on their website. Go to

nice movie!!!

catch a movie here!

Friday, June 14, 2013


Mother's day has passed and now, we will celebrate another "Special-non working-domestic/household Holiday". Writing this down creates some sweats at the corners of my eyes. But I need to be composed. This day, I will remember my daddy. The man of few words. The man na minsan lang magpatawa, pero nakakapagpatawa. I miss him.

Daddy was a good provider. If he is not, then, I wouldn't be able to experience toys, foods, shopping, good school and finish college. He did not want my mommy to go to work since he would like my mom to be his queen, naks!
We did not have a tight bond. Since he worked for almost 10 years abroad when we were growing up. I regret that too. I feel sorry for the opportunities I slipped off my grasp. I would be sweeter, I can be the better daughter, if not the best. All of these, will remain "I should have been".

Its been 3 years when he passed away and went home to God. Everything still seems to be fresh. I whispered "I'm Sorry. I love You." but I'm not sure if he heard it. Nasa huli ang pagsisisi. But I think and believe that all the things happens with a purpose. Maybe that's the lifespan of my daddy. It is a lesson for children like me who are not able to express gratitude and love to their parents.

I came to realize that when we were so down, money became a matter, I still have a complete family. He drives before to earn a living. He bid goodbye still thinking of our welfare. Until the end, he remains a good provider.

When the world seems not to care and unfair. When you feel everyone turned their back on you. When doubt, anxiety, weary and unfotunate events consumed you. Our daddy/s waiting for our call. Sometimes, we thought that they do not acknowledge, careless, they are just waiting for us. We can have all moolah in the world, but our daddy, they just want us, we are their happiness. They may not be able to give everything we wanted, but believe me, they have tried. But you have to also ask yourself, "Naibigay ko ba yung gusto ng tatay ko?"

If you still have your dad with you, You are so lucky and blessed! You still have the time in the world to embrace them, kiss them and tell them, "Papa, I love you". Do not waste any chances. If you do, you can only whisper it to the wind.