Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bed Weather

Good morning!

Brrrr! It's cold and you just wanna cuddle up in bed with your pillow and with your pet!
Just want to be consistent with filling in my new blog with my thoughts!
Well, I'm free from work and nearly getting bored with nothing so I just opened my notebook and jot down what's in my mind! Voila! I found myself going back to my own page! =) I really wish I can have more readers as day goes by. I wish that I wont bore them and myself too! hahahaha. Maybe it's also a way for me to enrich my vocabulary because there are times I can be an IVR, ahahahaha!

Since its cozy thursday and you just want to be in "Bed Weather" today, I want to post a video that can make you more cozy this day! One of my favorite OPM artist, Sitti will make your morning more like going back to dreaming, hehehehe!!! 

Sitti - Sinong Magaakala

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