Wednesday, October 24, 2012


ok. ok. OK!!!!

In barely 2 weeks from now, Im gonna leave MNL... but not for good! hell no! ahahahaha... Well, it's because our much waited trip will unfold! Oh yeah! 12 days and 5 countries! how would you not love that!?!






Well, it's actually a super (i mean super!) budget travel! Meaning, we did not go somewhere to find another Megamall or MOA to shop to. It's more of what we called when we were in our school days - "educational trip". Wow! Just writing this gives me chills! Because I've mixed emotions! Excited, scared (first time to ride on a plane), and other unexplainable feelings!

Ok, since I was too excited of it, I have forgotten where we are going in that 5 countries. Alright. So here it goes. We will start our trip at Singapore - Malaysia - Thailand - Cambodia - Vietnam! Now, this is a mini-AMAZING RACE! I'm gonna be with my 2 buddies, Karlo and Hazel to face this adventure.

So much of me spilling out much info about it! Coz I may have no more words left for my next entry... LOL.. 

Surely I'm gonna post our misadventure with that 12 days and of course, the highlights and sidelights of the said trip!

Im just praying that all's well on our trip, safe and sound travel may we have!

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