Saturday, January 12, 2013

Au Naturelle. Found beauty for less.

This has been running in my mind for the past few days and my hands were kinda itchy to ink my thoughts! Well, I am a fan of pretty girls(let me just reiterate, a FAN of)!!! I get magazines to see faces I love and check their beauty secrets. Well, these girls have just made it to my list of beautiful faces, even if they have less shades of makeup on.

I'm a fan of make up. But to put these on my face? Nah. I just love how they were made and packed and how these pallets, jars and bottles are being designed to add more appeal to the shopper's eyes. I would apply only one shade of eye shadow and blush my cheek and voila! I'm so done! Hehehe. Well maybe in the future, I will learn more on applying and playing with colors to put more life into one's face.

Ok, so here's my own list of people I am not tired of looking and staring at. I did not rank these beauties as it would be unfair for all of them. Hahahaha. Enjoy!

Of course, she will always be one! Patty Laurel

Mestiza beauty Amanda Griffin

legit beauty Mikee Cojuanco

The Morena Angel Aquino

Beauty and Brains Bianca Gonzales

This pretty girl has the most beautiful face of her time.

love Kelly Misa

The new Rica Peralejo

She has the unique mestiza look I so love

There you have it guys, you may notice that my list, morena beauties outnumbered the girls who has porcelana beauty. I just find very unique factor for those girls who has fair complexion and the girls who has lighter shade of complexion, I find them very pretty in a more deep way so I included them here. I know that we are created in our most beautiful way (and I believe in that!) so be happy always! The beauty will come out in You.


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