Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Morning Rush by the Kikays

This was a super late post since I have finished reading the book before the holidays! Well, I am now free to publish it and share this hilarious moment of reading this orange book. Hehehehe.

TMR's Kikays

Some stickers i pull out from the give away =)

When I heard that the 2nd book is coming out, I rushed myself to NBS and snag one but I was unfortunate. When my eyes caught Powerbooks in Megamall, I did not think twice! I got one and approached the cashier to pay for it(wow ah, spell DESCRIBE?).

Feeling teenie, love stickers!

Look at their testimonials for each other. The one from Gino is at the back.

As I read each pages, I could not hide my giggles and my mom would stare and tell me, "Parang kang eng-eng!", because the Top Ten by these bunch of looney ones made my reading worthy. Not to mention they have a li'l give away at the last page. They have cute stickers that you could play and place into wherever.

I have been a fan of then ChicoDel tandem and now that they are called the Kikay Barkada, another flavor has been added to my morning rush.

Here are some lines that kept me almost locked jaw. Ahahaha. Enjoy!

> Host: what is the first thing you'd do if you win the crown tonight?
- Contestant: Ummm.... Siguro po isusuot ko sa ulo ko.

> Pare, 'di muna ako magDo-Dota ngayon. Ang sakit ng puson ko at ang sensitive ng pecs ko.

> A pa-sosy girl, trying hard girl at the supermarket fruit section:
- Miss, are your grapes boneless?
Salesperson: Lahat po may buto.
- Can you de-bone them?

Okay, I will not say from which categories are these from since I think I am not licensed to do it but I would like you to get your own copy and enjoy laughing your heart out with your barkada! Chico, Del and Gino will be the happiest if you do what I just did. =)


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