Thursday, February 21, 2013

You may say I'm a dreamer,

In a bed weather today. Perfect time to get cozy and cuddle up.

Many things running through my mind right now and I'd like to post one of those -- "Who I would like to be?" O diba, seems like a question from Little Miss Philippines? Hehehehe...

Since I am couch potato, a reader of anything, a web surfer, etc., all these thinking, wondering, wandering and so on sums up to asking myself, "Can I be like them?" I am a dreamer, so everybody else. Some are already living their dreams and some are still weighing if they want to live with it or leave from it. I do not know where am I from those two. But maybe in time, at least, I can do it, uhmmm, maybe a percentage? winks!

Here's some thoughts, rumbling in my mind:

1. A traveler.

        I have gone to 5 countries and I will not stop my feet from going further. There's a sense of fulfillment, a relaxing feeling and a whole lot more!!! Of course, exploring myself in my own land will not be neglected. Tagaytay, Cebu, Bohol, are some of the places I would love to visit and get myself tranquil with the sceneries I may see there. While Brazil, Italy and Greece are places outside the Philippines that I so love to go to. I just wish that I have the heaviest piggy bank to break so that I can afford to get to these lovely lands! For some, its growing to be as their hobby, some may be their routine, some may be their passion. Because to travel means you have to have your time table, your budget, and do some stretching because not only your pocket will get abused, but especially your feet! Not only because you want to brag and get cocky because you were able to add a stamp on your passport but you get to learn from all the cultures you will see and learn from traveling. Blogger Patty Laurel - Filart, have outnumbered her age from the countries she has gone through (we were born the same year.). As a travel blogger, she is so passionate with packing, walking and striding herself from the likes of Prague, Japan and New York, to name a few! I would love to share whatever experiences I may have from all the borders of the world!

2. A TV producer.

          Boob tube, as they say, I have been a fan of this greatest invention/creation in this world ever had -- Television aka TV. I grew up watching cartoons, kiddie shows, until now that it is dominated by series -- reality, drama, horror, suspense. A household may have more than 1 television and it is becoming stylish now and it is also making its way to more appealing and how the manufacturers follow the trend and adapt to the lifestyle of the society.

I have seen how the shows have evolved and how they manage to shine, gracing the ever vulnerable viewers from time to time and being able to offer creative juices so that the latter will never get bored. This is because the people behind working until the wee hours of the day. When I watch shows, I always wait the credits or to some, they see it first as "Acknowledgements". I always ask, "Sino kaya yung EP and SP ng show?". EP means executive producer and SP means segment producer. I don't know, but because I took up Marketing, I would like to explore how the shows created and conceptualized. The course I had was so wide in scope. But it is no joke to live the world of marketing. You always have to have fresh ideas that you could lay to your clients. You have to embrace the conventional and the unconventional.

If given the chance, I would like to be a lifestyle show producer. I will revive F, hosted by Angel Aquino, Daphne Osena, Cher Calvin and Amanda Griffin. Why not diba? I couldn't stop smiling when  I typed these words. Well, the show is flexible and welcomes almost everything. I don't need long scripts for the show since it allows to be spontaneous. Well, I think I need to go back to school and learn more! Hehehehe.

3. A member of advertising team.

          As mentioned above, I also like to do commercials! Not to be the model but the people who makes the storyboard, the researches, the auditions and the works! When I was still a student, I would always love to do advertising, doing ads and doing jingles for the project! Of course, with the group I belong, they are more into the project, they are so better than me! But I miss doing those. Someday, I hope someday. Hehehehe.

4. A blogger.

          I own a blog but I am not really a part of the blog world. Some blogs I follow have many sponsors and they are running their sites and getting known because they have been followed and they are called to write for a particular product since they have influences because of their visitors. Another good way of advertising uh!

Blogging for me serves also as an exercise for my vocabulary. I work on a graveyard shift and I cling into my station for almost 9 hours. Getting a relationship with my headset and sometimes, finding myself being repeating my lines. So to get an alternative, I would read some nice reads and watch some shows to feed myself some new words. I think and I must say that it is a good avenue for laying what's in your mind and you can express it more.

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