Saturday, February 2, 2013

Binge and Munch healthy at Yellow Halo

One of the goals I want to attain this year is to be fit. Oh yeah?! My weight is no joke and I know that I will suffer if I will not start now. So, I start my year to actually eat right and healthy! I know that there are days what we called "cheat days" and I know that my previous years were always cheat days. Hahahaha...

After our saturday shift, my friend Joey and I went to our neighboring building, Strata 100, and dined in to Yellow Halo Resto. It is located at 22nd floor, just within the floor where you get fit and sexy because, there's 360 fitness club and yoga class. Well I guess this is the reason why this is located on the same floor. When you finish your workout, you eat healthy merienda!

I discovered it first when I watched MYX's Wer U at! And I was surprised that the Magalona's owned the place! The said feature on the show also graced by the appearance of Maxene and Elmo Magalona. Their dad, Master rapper himself, Francis M., is one of my brother's idol and mine as well.

The place was cozy and very conducive for friends/barkadas to hang out and do chit chat. The color combination and interiors are very cool to the eye so you will never get sore to the place. Not to mention, the dainty pieces are well organized.
i love the kubyertos!

i like the windows, pang emote

cute glass!

their menu for today

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the food they serve on walls!

look how it was arranged!

say yellow? =)

Lets go the food!

We ordered Chicken Fajita, Tuna on Wheat Pasta and Seafood Lasagna. What can i say? They are all delicous and tasty!!!!! When we saw the menu, it will also tell you the total calories that you will consume on those servings. The foods are well prepared and when you take a bite, it will not disappoint you and your cravings. I couldn't help but say "MMmmmm!!" Also, the way it was cooked in such a way that is less salty and oily, which of course are great contributors of fats and pours a lot of calories in your plate. So why not enjoy eating without the guilt of too much calories?
Chicken Fajita!

Seafood Lasagna for me

Tuna in Wheat Pasta for Joey

I would love to come back and enjoy other foods on their menus and might as well grab a chance to meet the Magalona's? =)
Simply simot! burp!

Rate: 5/5
- because its just so sakto for everything I want for dining experience!
just got a loyalty card!

Yellow Halo Guilt-Free Kitchen
22nd floor, Strata 100 Bldg., Emerald Avenue
Ortigas Center, Pasig

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