Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Graduation: the best times our lives

It's graduation season. The time people are gone hash tagging #throwback when they thought of their own graduation moments. The times when people remember the end of cramming days, sleepless nights, nail biting and a whole lot more. The times people reminisce about their most terrifying professors, the sweetest classmate, the loving barkada, the coolest groupmates and the best batch ever!

School's cool.

Just imagine locking yourself for almost 17 years(but not in my situation) or more in the four corners of this sometimes messy classroom, celebrating each day with mixed emotions. Chit-chatting with your seatmate and later on becomes your friend and did not realize that you have already shared and bared yourself with an old stranger to you. 

I remember the first ever day that my mom would make hatid and sundo everyday for me in my ever neat uniform during my kinder days and until my sixth grade. My mom would wake us up to prep up, to go to school and sometimes she will bring food for our lunch and would go back home since it's walking distance lang naman. Sometimes I would wait for my brother until he finishes his last subject and we would walk together to go back home. Sweet namin diba. Hehehe. Those were priceless moments with my bro.

And after almost 5 years of being a bum, I was given the most precious chance of going back to school and did not waste any single second of being a student again. I prayed that when I go back to school, I will savor and grab every opportunity that comes my way and I will not have any sickness that will make me absent on any day. I do not want to miss every day of wearing my uniform, travelling 3 hours to go to school and facing daily hang ups because that's one of the best part of being a student. 

God did not fail me. He gave me what I have prayed for. I gained so many friends. People that until now, I still have contacts with. Since I'm older than them (I was 22 then), I think it was somewhat an advantage for me and they have treated me as their ate. Until I entered my 2nd year, I took up BSBA Marketing. The remaining years of my college got even more colorful. I got into a lot extra curricular activities that molded for whatever I have become right now. More friendships, more happiness, each person that I have known for these 4 years I will forever embrace. 

Paperworks. These are maybe the worst for all of us,but hey, these are also the reason why we are existing in our chosen careers now. In all aspects of our student life, nabago ng research papers, marketing plans, business plans, etc. Money, sleep, food (?), spare time, vacation, these are some sacrifices that we have encountered. Sometimes, we may fail but that doesn't stop us to improve. There are moment that you have to stretch you money and the time for other projects. And for me, I had to split my time as I have an organization to manage with. It came to a point that I'd find myself crying because I don't know what to do and I will go to our chapel, took time to talk to Him and be quiet for a while. Man, God is good all the time! He did not leave me, He just made me realized that nothing beats calling for Him. 

The day came when the ultimate of the most ultimate for all of the hardworking parents --  Graduation! As we received our diploma, we are not the only ones who are tearfully happy but most of all, our parents. We give them the joy and the pride that their children fulfilled. Our parents' wishlist granted. I believe no mom or dad would want their child to grow up without education. May we always do what our parents wanted from us to do and later, they will give us all the liberty we ever craved for. I remember my dad said "pag natapos ka na sa school mo, mgagawa mo na lahat ng gusto mo". He is right. We may brag about it all the time because we know that we made someone happy.

Dad, I just did. =)

All of the hardworks were all paid off. All these glory is up to the Man UP there! He does lay all we need and He prepares us for the success we will conquer. At the end, we all leave it all to Him! 

We may say not all the lessons are learned from these four corners, but these square rooms will give us all the things we are having right now. The outside classroom may give us more of what we want, but we need is being molded when we submit to education. 

This is not a compromise nor a deal with our folks. It's a God's gift we should imbibe. I'm sad that nowadays, education is being a privilege and not a right anymore. So let's take each opportunity of school life. I'm still proud of people who are finishing their school even though they are already in their 30's or 40's. So I believe that while we live, let's not waste each time to be happy in school. 

Remembering my graduation ceremonies:

my kinder graduation at Pateros Catholic School, year 1990

6th grade at Pateros Catholic School, year 1996

high school at La Consolacion College - Pasig, year 2000

the prime of being a student - college at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. circa 2009.

Way to go Graduates 2013!!! 

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