Thursday, April 18, 2013

Jumpstart at Highlands Coffee

Since we work at nocturnal hours, my friends, Joey, Hazel and I have decided to boost ourselves with a Vietnamese kick before going to work. Time to get some good caffeine to wake us up for the next 8 hours. We were keeping our eyes for this coffee shop for several months already. Ilang tumbling lang from our building. Finally,one of the fast rising coffee shop in Vietnam is here in the Philippines. Recently, they have opened their franchise that is located at the heart of Ortigas.

When I went to Vietnam last year, I really fell in love with how they prepare and serve their very authentic coffee. I told myself that I will go back to Vietnam just to experience again the coffee there. But now, they came here closer and will let me do it over and over again (over? ahahaha). Well, I have not tried Highlands in Vietnam since we already lack of time and budget so I have only experienced one coffee shop. Seems, this is fate. Hehehehe.

The interiors are very much organized and well arranged and you will feel cozy inside of the shop. Not to mention the outside seats are also situated wherein you can see cars passing by and the area is not really polluted by people and vehicles (you will only see the light and shiny ones) . You will feel somehow at peace when you take your break here. They offer free wifi so the convenience is here 'doug!

I have ordered their "worth the wait" iced coffee. It's called Cafe Sua Da. Why did I call this? It's because, you have to wait for the brewer to drain before you enjoy sipping your coffee. Maybe around 5 minutes more or less is the time that you have to wait for your coffee. The brewer is placed on top of the glass filled with ice and it has small amount of condensed milk. You will see that the coffee slowly dropping on your bed of milk and ice and you can't wait but sip it! My friends ordered blended flavored coffee with some whip on top of it and they call it Freeze. And they are equally delicious as well. They also serve something to munch on like desserts and salads. We have tried Banoffee pie and Praline Hazelnut cake. It's not that sweet and simply enjoyable to eat. It may be high in calories, but who cares? sometimes you have to get some guilty pleasures.

patiently waiting <3

Banoffee Pie for me

Praline Hazelnut cake for Hazel

Choco Mint for Joey

engraved authenticity =)

ground coffee bean

my Cafe Sua Da!!! For Php 119 only!!!

So if you are in Ortigas and wants to feel some laid back moments, just a few walk in Sapphire Road (Eton Residences Bldg) and you will see and experience Vietnam Coffee at a very friendly price.

#happyme #big_chica

Thanks Highlands Coffee!!! <3

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