Monday, June 24, 2013

World War Z; 'me' time at Golden Village

This is my nth week here in Singapore and I have never explored the place that much. Well, let's just say that when everything is already in its place, I will embrace all the chances of exploring Singapura. My cousin, Joanne, whose very generous enough to give me a Golden Village Movie Money, a voucher where you can use at any Golden Village in Singapore. Of course, it still has terms and conditions to remember before you go and secure a seat. The voucher will expire on June 30 and right timing to confuse yourself whether to watch Man of Steel, Monster U. or Brad Pitt's World War Z. I was fortunate that there are great movies shown out to spend my voucher wisely. The movie ticket costs around SGD 10, so in PHP, it costs approximately 300. So I think that the money was well spent, from the moviehouse itself, you're gonna love the place. 

This entry is not about the movie, because I was distracted by the hotness of Brad Pitt. I mean, who doesn't, right? Hahahaha. But the movie was good. Brad Pitt is a very loving husband and caring father and strong man here. Well, no spilling of the beans, better watch it so you will know what I am talking about the movie. 

Of course, before pleasure, business first. I was so blessed that I have attended Tagalog mass here. The church name is St. John's Church, located at Queen St., near the Bras Basah Station. After the mass, I rode the MRT and dropped in Plaza Singapura, which is 1 station away from where my first itinerary that day. I really scheduled my 'sundate' to make it convenient for me and to maximize my time. The Golden Village has so many locations here in SG and I picked GV Plaza. The place, is along Orchard Road, by the way. 

Since I was searching for the place, I have not catched any 7 o' clock movie. So the GV people have been very courteous, and polite serving the queue. The agent suggested the 8:30 slot which is WWZ and I was situated at E05. 

Then the movie started. I am loving the very clear sound, the picture and the seat. It seems that you are watching the movie on a humongous TV! The sounnds are superb! When there's explosion in the movie, you will really feel rumbling sounds, almost shook your seat! Surely, I will go back and see a movie here. 

If you're in Singapore, or planning to go in Singapore and see a movie here, you might want to see Golden Village. Also, for much convenience, you can secure your seats on their website. Go to

nice movie!!!

catch a movie here!

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