Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Surprises. Bliss. 3 decades of me!!!

How my day went? Amazing!

After speaking with my mom via facetime, we have greeted each other Happy Birthday since we share the same birthday. I felt a bit sad since this is the first time that I don't have her by my side. But I had to shake it off and I have to move on and spend it the way it will be. 

I have visited Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, located in Bras Basah, near the MRT station. I lifted everything to God and I have given thanks for all His shower of love. He has been doing wonders for the past few days and I can't deny how 'kilig' I am. Then I decided to stopover Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf which is just across the street and load myself with some caffeine before going home. Good thing the shop has a free wifi so I totally enjoyed myself for atleast 1 hour! 

Back in the flat, I cooked creamy carbonara and bought an ice cream so that we could feed our rawring tummy! 

But, the suspense was not over. 

I did not expect that all the event happened. I was in awe.

My cousin Joane and Zee and the rest of their flatmates sung Happy Birthday and they have the pasabog birthday cake. They have given me a cute present in an H and M bag, and cute mug from flatmates!!! I have never imagined this would be one of the happiest celebration of my birthday! No expectations, full of surprises and blessings! 

My appreciation is endless with these people. God used them to guide me through. i'm lifting it up to Him.

flatmates <3

from my IG

cake, icecream=happy birthday!!! calorie overload.

sweetest anne and zee... <3

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