Sunday, August 18, 2013

Good times at Mr. Parks

I was too excited to go back again to my office not to work, but to finally accomplish my clearance and to meet my buddies, Joey and Hazel, whom I missed so much! It maybe somehow sad because it's the same day that I will officially say goodbye to my office and to them. Hazel and I have been 4 years of working together while with Joey, it's been 2 years. *sigh*

After their shift, we went to this new place called Mr. Parks Bread and Cafe, situated along Garnet Road and right beside Highlands Coffee shop (I have blogged it here). According to my friends, it's a Korean coffee shop. Well, I agree with them, the place is very K-POP! Not to mention that my buddies are also kpop lovers. Hehe.

We have ordered a variety of bread and of course, bread are awesome with coffee!!! We had this huge bread named Mammoth, Garlic Cream Cheese, and Croquette. Our drinks were Caramel Macchiato, Mocha Frappe and Pistachio Frappe.

Let's talk about the bread.

Mammoth bread
- this is one of the huge breads I have seen in the store. It was sliced and served into small pieces. Then, there's a surprise in the center of the bread. There's cream, and other bursting flavors that you and a friend would enjoy! The bread may be good for 2-3 people and the price, it's very affordable.

Garlic Cream Cheese bread.
- I like it because I love garlic! The size of the bread is good for 1 person and you will really fall for the cream cheese inside the bread. The bread will give you savory and sweet taste and you will surely enjoy this as well.

- It's somewhat new to me. It has a filling of veggies that I love! I have never tried a bread that has veggie filling so my tastebud was excited somehow. I like it!

That morning I have enjoyed drinking my hot Caramel Macchiato while my friends enjoy the cold frappe. I forgot that I became a 'freeloader' that day and my friends were too generous to treat me to this new place and of course, we did KKB (Kanya kanyang Baliw) on chatting for 4 hours of our stay. It was bitin and I felt that we need longer time to catch up!

I am a breadlover. I enjoy it than rice. So, as long as the breads are freshly baked, I will surely get one and enjoy it!


5/5 - cozy place. It's very conducive for chit chat moments.
5/5 - love the breads!!! and the drinks too!


Garlic Cream Cheese



Caramel Macchiato

Pistachio Frappe

Caramel Frappe

Reuinted us!!!

Mr. Parks Bread and Cafe
Garnet Road, Ortigas Pasig City

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