Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Click (Father's day sneak peek)

As I am writing this entry, I just finished watching the movie "Click" by Adam Sandler. This movie meant a lot to me but I have never watched this until today. Why? It was a movie that my late brother have watched a lot of times. When I have watched this, I feel like I will just skip na lang and not finish this. But just like the film, I have fast forwarded it and checked on the scenes that might catch my attention.
The movie was about the family guy who just want to win the spot for success in his chosen field and slowly been slipping out on his family affairs that he just wanted to get the magic remote control, simple click, and he can make things fast forward on the things that needs to be done and skip the chapters that he thought maybe unnecessary to him. What he cannot do is to play it backward and let the things be corrected. Well, he can still view what had happened that he missed but cannot make any changes from what was already done. He did not have the chance to savor the days that he has his dad, celebrate each day with his wife and see his kids grow up, because he chose to be busy and skip the events with his family. Good thing that everything was just a dream. It gave him realization from what could have been the reality.
The movie was right. In this world where everything is fast-paced now, we may have neglected and forgotten the core of our existence. The reason why we succeed. The meaning of all the roles played by the people surrounding us. We feel sometimes and correct me if I am wrong, that we don't feel like having family day, camping day, family dinner etc. because there are other 'important things' that we need to get focused to. We have been eaten up by our goals, may it be career wise or whatever you may call it and 'quality time' became an option.
I have seen what my brother have seen in this movie. It came up to my senses. It brought me tears I cannot control. Whoa! I couldn't believe how deep my brother was. His friends told me this, he cried after seeing this movie. The movie was very far from what our family is/was. This was only an example of what if we live in this family.
Whatever keeps us busy and away from our loved ones, let us not skip the chance we can see and join them with eating, playing, dancing etc. Let us not put too much energy on things that we know we can handle naman and take a nice and slow moment with what is more important -- our family! This guys will not give any rejection paper, low scores, red marks but more than two thumbs up! They appreciate all our hardworks but they dislike to lose us.

PS: the time setting of the movie was their 4th of July, the day before our birthday. this give me chills

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